Montessori Inspired Bird Activities

If you want to teach your kids about birds and have fun at the same time, these Montessori Inspired Bird Activities will give you some really great ideas.

Learn more about birds’ beaks, make some binoculars and go bird watching, or explore a birds’ nest sensory bin. These and more fun and educational bird-themed activities await you below.

Montessori inspired bird activities

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Be sure to check out this post jam-packed with all kinds of recipes, crafts, and other activities for learning about birds – Bird Unit Resources.

You might want to make these fun egg carton bird masks too! They’re a fun way to demonstrate what you’ve learned about birds or just to have fun pretending to be birds.

Montessori Inspired Bird Activities

  1. Bird Nest Play Dough Invitation
  2. Bird Life Cycle Wheel Craft 
  3. Ice Cream Cone Bird Feeder
  4. Bird Play Dough Kit 
  5. Studying Bird Beaks 
  6. Feather Painting for Kids
  7. Play Dough Birds 
  8. Bird Seed Slime
  9. Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder 
  10. Cardboard Tube Bird Binoculars 
  11. Seed Names 
  12. Nest and Baby Bird Craft 
  13. Bird Nest Sensory Bin
  14. Bird Art with 2D Shapes 
  15. Egg Counting Mats 

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