Bird’s Nest Themed Recipes

Okay, you might be surprised to see recipes here, but really, cooking is educational. I used to do it every week with my Kindergarten students and occasionally when I taught older grades as well. These Bird’s Nest Themed Recipes are a great addition to a bird unit as a fun way of wrapping things up.

Cooking involves math and measurements, so it in itself is an educational activity. It’s a very practical life skill too – one that everyone needs. If you have studied the different types of nests that various birds make, this is a great topic of discussion while working in the kitchen.

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Bird’s Nest Themed Recipes

Not sure how to cook in a classroom? We made use of electric skillets and slow cookers back in my day, but now there are multi-cookers and other small appliances that can be used to make it easy.

I found it really helpful to have a parent volunteer or two in the room for cooking day. The children often needed assistance and it was good to have an extra set of hands when working with hot appliances.

  1. No Bake Chow Mein Noodle Birds Nest Cookies
  2. Easy Bird Nest Meringue Cookies 
  3. Nutella No-Bake Bird Nest Cookie 
  4. Bird’s Nest Cookies 
  5. Easter Birds Nest Cookies 
  6. OREO Truffle Bird Nest Cookies
  7. Cocoa Pebbles Easter Nests 
  8. Bird Nest Dirt Cake Cups
  9. Birds Nest Meringue Cookies 
  10. Easy Brownie Bird Nests 
  11. Easy Bird’s Nest Cookies
  12. Bird’s Nest Easter Cookies 
  13. No Bake Bird’s Nest Treats 
  14. Easy Rice Krispie Nests
  15. Eggs in a Nest 

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