Earth Day STEM Activities

It’s April and that means Earth Day is right around the corner. This is the perfect time to do some STEM activities with your kids or your class. We have rounded up some great ideas for Earth Day STEM activities that are sure to be both fun and educational.

Have a look through the possibilities and choose the ones you will do for Earth Day this year. Learn about science and help to make the world a better place at the same time.

You can find our recommendations for Earth Day books for kids here.

Earth Day STEM Activities

  1. How To Make Seed Bombs
  2. Earth Day STEM Baking Soda and Vinegar Reaction 
  3. Build a Layers of Soil Model
  4. Earth Day Slime  
  5. Life Cycle Earth Day LEGO Challenge 
  6. Make Seed Balls from Recycled Paper 
  7. Earth Day Equivalent Fractions 
  8. Oil and Water Experiment 
  9. How to Make Paper 
  10. Water Cycle in a Bottle 
  11. Which Plastic is Which Shrinking Cup Experiment
  12. How to Make a Rain Gauge
  13. Water Cycle Project: 3D Science Model with LEGOs 
  14. Easy Layers of the Earth’s Atmosphere Activity 
  15. Earth Toast: A Tasty Global Warming Lesson
  16. Make Your Own Plastic Out of Vinegar and Milk 
  17. Acid Rain Experiment
  18. Water Quality Experiment
  19. Chromatography Earth Day Craft
  20. Solar Magnification Experiment 

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